Vv SkiVvys, a glamorous panty that looks and feels normal, but it is waterproof, leak resistant and stain resistant for women to wear when it is that time of the month or if they suffer from bladder control problems. When worn in conjunction with a pad or tampon, Vv SkiVvys offers the ultimate backup protection. Women are now able to stand up with confidence any day of the month, and feel pretty at the same time. Three sisters designed and developed over 3 years this glamorous, protective panty. “We had the need for a panty that offers security as well as style and comfort. We could not find a pretty panty that blocked leaking onto our outer clothing, and to be honest, we were tired of ruining our good clothing and sheets.”
(Valerie Strange - Creator of Vv SkiVvys)

Vv SkiVvys offer women discreet protection. (CLICK HERE FOR A DETAILED PICTURE) The outside is a soft cotton fabric and the inside features a darker colored wicking fiber to pull moisture away from the body and camouflage any color. (CLICK HERE FOR A DETAILED PICTURE). They also have a cotton crotch providing comfort for those days when you are unsure of your period start date, or if you have mild incontinence. They can be worn as regular underwear and machine washed & dried. Until now, there has not been a product like this on the market. Vv SkiVvys ... where glamour meets protection!

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Vv SkiVvys offer backup protection for women during their menstrual cycle, and offer protection for women who suffer from mild incontinence. Vv SkiVvys are able to hold a moderate amount of liquid, however, since Vv SkiVvys are not padded, a sanitary pad or tampon should be worn if needed.

Rochelle Sporty Bikini - Pink The Rochelle Sporty Bikini is made of soft, waterproof, breathable hypo-allergenic fabric that is machine washable.

Rochelle Sporty Bikini - Pink or Tan
The Rochelle Sporty Low Rise
Bikini is made of soft, waterproof, breathable hypo-allergenic fabric that is machine washable.
Proudly Made in the USA


New June Vintage Panty - Pink or Tan
We are now so proud to introduce our newest design, the “June Vintage” Panty! We use the same material as we do for our Sporty Bikini
Proudly Made in the USA


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Rochelle Sporty Bikini - Tan

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